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Tech Trends: The Rise of Smart Buildings

Big data has been dominating the corporate world for the last decade and recently, the commercial real estate sector has been experiencing a trend towards “smart buildings”. These buildings use data as a foundation to increase connectivity and enhance functional aspects in a dynamic way. The objective is to increase [...]

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Vaughan Subway Expansion Opens in Toronto

December 17, 2017 marked the opening of the first new project on the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) subway lines in 15 years. This extension is remarkable in that it is the first time in history that a TTC subway line has extended beyond the boundaries of Toronto. It creates a [...]

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The Impact of Cannabis Legalization On Commercial Real Estate in Toronto

Many people are wondering what impact that the upcoming legalization of recreational marijuana use in Canada will have on the demand for various forms of Commercial Real Estate in Toronto. The sector is booming. According to an estimate from Marijuana Business Daily, annual sales for Canada's recreational marijuana market could [...]

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Sidewalk Labs Announces Toronto Commercial Real Estate Development

Sidewalk Labs the smart city division of Googles parent company Alphabet, recently announced a new real estate development which they are calling Sidewalk Toronto. It is a joint venture with Waterfront Toronto and it aims to make Toronto a global hub for urban innovation. The initial phase of the development [...]

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3 Considerations for Your New Office Space

Are you looking for office space? Make sure you consider the following before purchasing: Function Don’t make the mistake of buying more space than you need. If you have a relatively small company, you want to make sure that your employees aren’t inconvenienced by having to walk all the way [...]

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What to Look For in a Commercial Real Estate Agent

When acquiring commercial real estate in Toronto, you may find yourself needing a Commercial Real Estate agent. An agency legally must look after the best interest of the person they represent. When you choose your agent, you should look for the following attributes: Honesty and integrity High professional standards Proper [...]

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