Starting your own business can be a stressful, yet exhilarating experience for anyone. You are often so busy trying to make more money and win more clients that the last thing on your mind is parting with your hard earned cash in order to rent out office space, especially when you have a perfectly good work space at home. Although many people are bound to be jealous of your capability to sit in your pyjamas all day whilst earning money, there are some downsides to working from your home office. It is often much better for your business and your sanity if you rent out office space and this article will give you some really great benefits to taking the plunge and working away from your home.

You are no longer lonely

Working on your own at home can be a solitary existence. With no one to talk to and interact with you can tire easily and become bored of the same four walls very quickly. One of the benefits of renting out your own office or desk space, is that there are bound to be other people from different industries working in the same building, providing you with a more exiting and interactive environment to work in.


Although your home is convenient for you, it may not be convenient for your current or potential clients. Many clients will probably not look at you in a professional light if they meet you at your home and have to sit in a cramp bedroom to go over your work. It looks much more professional to meet them in a nice clean office that is well maintained and stylish. Also, many office spaces are often in central parts of cities, making it easier for clients to make their way to you.


Surrounded by your home comforts such as your television, bed and computer consoles, it is much harder to remain focused to the tasks at hand. If you rent office space you do not have any of the same distractions, meaning you will work more effectively and efficiently in the time you are there.

Keeping to schedule

If you are working from home you are much more likely to bend your schedule in order fit little unnecessary breaks into your day. When renting office space you have to pay for the privilege of its use, meaning you’ll be less likely to waste time procrastinating.

Work play ratio

One of the most common problems when working from home is that you may find it difficult to switch off. With your office meters away, you can easily begin work again at any hour of the day without giving yourself some well deserved rest. Of course, many people will work later than usual every now and again to meet deadlines, but with your work right next to you it may be something that you find you are doing on a regular basis. If you rent out office space there is a distinct split between home and work, meaning when you finish for the day, you can actually go home and enjoy your evening much easier!

Renting office space has some real benefits, not only for your business and sanity, but for your health. You will be able to manage your time more effectively, disconnect your home life with work and finally sit down for a well deserved rest at the end of the day.