There are numerous reasons why people choose to run a business from home. Some people may enjoy the personal freedom as they dislike spending hours stuck in traffic to commute to work every day. Another plus point is that overheads can be kept low as there is no need to travel to and fro from a specific workplace. Additionally, they do not need to be bothered by a standard dress code, work schedule as well as office politics. However, your business may reach a point when it needs to expand and you will need to start thinking about moving into a real commercial premise of office space. Fret not; here are some of the benefits you will enjoy when you make the decision to swap a home office for a commercial one. tower-703776_150 Helps boost creativity Sometimes, having a solo office is not the only solution when you move your home business. Hot-desking and co-working are great options for a small business as they allow to work with like-minded professionals from the same business niche. This is turn creates more business opportunities that will continue to keep your motivation levels high and inspire more creative thinking. When you move into a commercial office, you are also able to surround the office with happy images and colors. At home, you may have made the mistake of putting up grids and charts that may have led to restricted thinking due to the feelings and appearance of rules and structures. As mentioned, images that are visually appealing will inspire happy thoughts and mental clarity. For instance, you can put up images of nature. Avoid putting up too much red as it can turn out to be counterproductive or spark aggression, anxiety and other negative feelings among coworkers and yourself. Helps increase productivity When you work from home, there may be interruptions or distractions affecting you. These distractions are always better off avoided. When you have less family distractions, you can put in more hard work. This can be done when you move into a professional environment, and it will boost productivity levels and make the business more money in the long term. Other than distractions, having the right office furniture is also paramount to your business’s productivity and its overall success. The comfort of your staff will greatly affect the amount of work they are likely to produce. If an employee constantly needs to adjust his or her chair or be confined to a solitary seat all the time, their performance cannot reach its peak. Office spaces allow you to get furniture that provides freedom and movement, which is a good way to keep your team on track and on task. Helps you be more ambitious Moving your business into a real commercial space is truly the next step on the ladder after working from home. If you have plans to grow your business, having your own office will definitely allow you to employ more skilled staff, improve your facilities and grow your business at a speed you are comfortable with. Who knows when you will need to plan about having a larger office again! For many individuals, working in an office space will eventually make them more ambitious and spur them on to make it big in their careers. If these ambitious feelings rub off onto your employees, it is going to be very beneficial for the growth of your business. Creates a sense of professionalism Conducting meetings with potential clients and your suppliers at home is not always the ideal setting. When you have your own commercial space or office, it helps you exude a sense of professionalism as there will be the availability of specialized rooms to hold interviews and meetings. Additionally, office spaces are usually located in central business district areas and your space may be close by or within a convenient vicinity to your clients and suppliers. This means they do not need to travel too far to arrive at your doorstep. Encourages growth at faster rate When you expand your business, it means you will be getting more supplies, more employees and more office equipment. All of these factors require a larger space and if your current office at home is getting too cramped, it is high time that you make a move into a commercial property. Moving into an office will allow your business to grow quickly, and the new facilities can accommodate to that growth in an appropriate manner. Your business can always benefit from having a real estate brokerage handle matters pertaining to commercial real estate in Toronto for you. Our highly skilled professionals will do the heavy lifting for you to find the perfect office space with the best deals while your business can concentrate on its core operations and set the pace for faster growth!