After finally closing the deal for renting industrial office space, what else comes next? Well, definitely one of the things to think of is how to decorate that space of yours not only because you want it to look great as an environment to motivate higher work efficiency but more importantly, you do not want to spend too much money by the time your office lease contract ends. Here are specific things to consider in this regard.

Choose carpet tile instead of the regular tiles


Basically, most people and even business owners are that are fascinated with many different selections when it comes to tiles. If you want to have a better choice for your rented space in accordance with what has been stated above, the carpet tile is with no doubt the best you can consider. This is because these tiles can be easily replaced in case it gets damaged. It is also cheaper than other types of tiles.

Hang a curtain instead of plasterboard walls

Solid plasterboard walls are with no doubt very durable and they give a very modern look at your space’s reception area. But again, they can cost much in terms of installation and removal later on. The better choice then will be a colourful curtain that you can hang on a rail or any other material similar to curtains that will render a modernised appeal to your reception area.

Go green

Instead of investing on expensive decorations that can even cause damages to your walls and to your other fixtures in the office, why not invest on pieces that will bring that ‘green’ vibe into your office atmosphere. You can add some plants at every corner of a room or in each cubicle for your employees. Some indoor plants will look perfect and will surely give you some breathing space. They can make you feel more relaxed and even happier. Make sure though that you go for plants that do not need as much water as those outdoor plants.

Mix only a few paint colours with white

Often, you will get bored with only white paint all around you. You certainly will want to add a touch of colour into your space. Well, this can be a bright idea but it will be best to stick to using whites on your walls so you will not have to repaint them by the end of your lease as most industrial spaces use white paint on these structures. For a hint of colour, you can use dividers between workstations and paint them with bright hues. Stick to lighter colours though as these ones can go well with natural lighting.

Use removable hooks when hanging artwork

An artwork will add some sense of style to the office. If you try to look into every industrial space you go to, you will see that most highlight their walls or the entire space with at least a piece of framed work hanging on the walls. You can also use the same idea in your rented space but make sure you hang the frame using removable hooks. Choose framed prints that are affordable yet can brighten your space instead of going for masterpieces from great painters.

Create a space where employees can spend some time relaxing

Computers, printers as well as all sorts of gadgets, devices and equipment occupy each workstation in an industrial space. This is what employees work with and face for 8 hours a day. Often, being in that kind of environment can be tiring and stressful for these individuals. In order to break the ice, it will be good to have a dedicated area where employees can take turns when having their break. You can add some variety to that dedicated area like a television set or an entertainment set. Pool or foosball tables can also be a great addition to the space. But if you are tight on budget, you can stick to adding a couch, some tables or chairs where employees can have coffee with their co-workers.

Be creative when decorating walls

Apart from hanging framed prints on walls, you can also use some other great ways to add some colour to the spot. Creating simple geometric shapes out of stickers can already make the wall look bright. Make sure though that you go for stickers that are easy to remove later on at the end of the lease term. You can even use coloured tapes for creating stripes and spots or Washi tapes to have a wall-runner inspired design on your walls.

There are many things you can do to add some sense of style to your rented industrial space without having to spend more after the end of the lease. Make sure that you ask about decorating specifics when looking for an industrial space for rent in Toronto though. The contract can include some clauses regarding this so you’d better make it a point to check so you can be sure you are not deviating from any of the agreement clauses.