You will never want your trucks to be causing traffic on the streets specifically if you have them parked on the streets just in front of your office. You will not want your goods to be kept in your storage rooms inside your building too. Since you do not have a warehouse at the moment, you might as well consider locating the best one that will help with your business operations. Here is how you can find the perfect warehouse.

Your choice should not just be about the price

You can hear real estate agents here and there saying that price is the sole thing you should consider when you want a perfect warehouse. After all, if you have the budget to pay for that warehouse then presumably nothing will go wrong. Yes, price has a critical role to play when making a choice but some other non-price sensitive elements must be brought to mind. This will include everything from the size and layout to the flow and cubic capacity of the warehouse. You must also make sure that the warehouse has the ability to integrate any material handling equipment related to your business. It must also provide truck access, turning lanes, trailer storage and freeway access.

Rely on the help you can get from a broker


One of the common mistakes you can make when looking for a perfect warehouse for your goods and equipment is to do the task on your own. It is understood that you want to make sure you are hands-on in the process. However, nothing is better than hiring a broker or an outside expert that can help you make not just an ideal choice but also an effective one. You certainly will not want committing the mistake of deciding where to locate a warehouse only to find out later there is nothing there you can actually find. This can hurt you a lot in terms of time, effort and cost.

Feel free to ask questions

Ask them either to yourself or to your brokers. Some questions will need some assessment of your current business setup. This will include enquiries like: How much space do I need? How many containers will be shipped to the facility either weekly or monthly or yearly? Where will I need that space? Of course, you will never want to choose a location that is so far from your existing clients and where your business actually operates.

It is wise to make a comparison of costs

Usually, the costs you are concerned with when it comes to locating a warehouse include two important components. One is the total real estate cost or the cost of the warehouse you are going to purchase or rent. The other is called the drayage cost or the cost of transporting goods over a short distance, the transport of which is basically completed during a single work shift. You have to assess herein how many you will be able to ship in a day and if it will earn you the profit you need to operate that warehouse.

You also have to consider lease and build parameters

Parameters in this regard will include those of rail siding and trans-loading. Of course, your parameters should include everything from what suits your needs to the specific storage requirements that you have in mind. You should not forget that the rental contract matters too in case you will be using the space on lease instead of purchase basis. You have to be able to understand the terms clearly as well as how much you are expected to pay per square foot or square metre depending on what is stipulated in the contract. Make sure they offer seasonal warehousing in case you offer seasonal products in your list of goods and services.

It is important to choose the right agent

What exactly is a right agent when it comes to choosing a warehouse? Often it is hard to tell who is actually right for you but when you know that the agent understands what you need and is willing to take note of every detail essential to locating the perfect warehouse then you can say he is the right fit to your search. Additionally, he must also have the knowledge not just of real estate market but also of your company’s business specifically those aspects that affect supply chain functions. Agents should also know how these factors will impact the warehouse location choice. When choosing one, you must also consider his performance, the profitability of the transaction you make and the partnership you will build in the long-term.

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