For the longest time, most corporate offices have been stereotypically viewed as stuffy and dingy places offering a little space for productivity, interaction and collaboration. Fortunately, it is an issue of the past as many investors have realized the importance of creating an environment where employees can work in harmony to achieve business objectives. Essentially, performance of the business is pivoted on three things in relation to its staff: satisfaction, productivity and innovation. When employers create an environment that supports these three pillars, the business is in a position to grow. If you are planning to lease an office space, these are useful ideas that will help you achieve great office design. Open plan option The first and most important thing to do when looking for an office space to lease is considering an open plan. This is because it forms a basis in which you can develop design ideas that create an environment to boost staff morale. Many employees have come to learn that it is more beneficial rather than detrimental when their work environment allows interaction. It enhances creativity and innovation, which is beneficial for the business in the long run. Moreover, human beings are social creatures and prefer to interact with one anotherwhile going about various tasks. With an office space that allows you to maximize on open plan option, you can do more. Communal places Your new office needs to have a common space where everyone feels like they belong when it comes to certain projects. This design idea is basically centered on spaces for special meetings and bigger projects. By creating this kind of place at the office, employees are able to collaborate more and come up with effective ideas for handling enormous projects. With several ideas at the table, no project can be too hard to conquer. It all depends on the kind of office space you choose to lease. If you need assistance finding the best office space for lease in Mississauga that offers optional uses, you can always reach commercial agents through their service number. Building functionality By now you already know that the satisfaction of the employee is vital for business performance. Fortunately, there is more to it. What would you do differently to make your staff stay in the office a little longer to achieve work-related tasks? Well, survey indicates that businesses that have rented office space in a functional building (building with a library, café, gym and restaurant) usually have productive staff. This is a sure way of making things work when relocating the business. Furthermore, since most businesses focus on idea generation, employees can come up with ideas at any point in the building –gym, café or work desk. This is beneficial for both parties in the long run. Breaking the desk chains For most business, employees usually work on their own desks. However, things are quite different with an open plan structure. Hot desking is the option that breaks the desk chains. Sometimes staff feel stuck and chained to their desks during work as a result of the same old routine. An effective way of dealing with it is embracing hot desking option. This is because it allows staff to work together at the available table at different shits. In addition, it is an effective way of cutting down costs. It increases networking opportunities for the employees by creating a platform for interacting and sharing ideas. In that case, you can always opt for hot desking if you want to break the monotony of working in allocated desks. With a great office space, you can play around with different ideas to the advantage of the business. Work place sustainability If you have paid keen attention to most office buildings, you have probably noticed that the order of the day is green. That is an indication that many business are embracing the idea of creating and designing the office space using sustainable and environmentally friendly means. In this regard, business performance does not just stop at employee’s welfare. It extends to the environment. An environment that is safe and secure for working gives employees the confidence to work with great focus on vital business projects. These are the things that you need to consider to make a difference in your new office. Of course, you have to find the best office space in town. That means getting in touch with reputable commercial and real estate agents who can get you a great deal. Office leasing is ideal as it allows you to change the working environment for your employees. It also allows you to expand your business and soar to new heights. In a world where competition has become stiff, you need to up your game. Therefore, you can make use of these tips and see a great change in the businessperformance when you decide to relocate.