Businesses people will admit that starting, running and managing a business is quite a demanding task that sucks life out of you. In the current world where there is so much competition particularly in the business sector, you can make your way through to success. It all starts with the choices you make and your priorities. Finding the right location for your business is an effective step that gives you vantage.

Though the real estate market is booming with all kinds of product and services, you may have a little trouble finding the right industrial space for your business. Your business will only succeed if you cut down all manner costs and that include rental costs. Therefore, as you prepare to lease an industrial space, here are a few ideas that will help you to strike the best deal and get reasonable rental charges for your business.

Sorting out the lease terms

There are two things that you need to pay attention to here. First, determine how long you are planning to lease an industrial space. Secondly, you need to factor the rental charges for the space just to make sure it is within your budget. Once you determine the length of period that you are planning to spend in a particular location, you may negotiate the lease. While negotiating, make a point of finding more about renewal terms in case you want to stay there longer. Rent is another factor that may cause problems for your business.

Landlords require you to pay rent in time. However, not all of them will inform you about rental increase. Failing to get the landlord’s warning regarding rental increase may affect your business. High rental figures tend to show up when things are not doing well for the business. You may also want to brace yourself for any kind of pushback. This means that the landlord may be interested to keep you as a customer and in that case, offer sweet deals to get you to stay longer.

Some of the deals are good while others may be covering something not entirely good. If you feel uncertain about the sweet deals, real estate agents specializing in this area can help you see things from a clear perspective. Agents for industrial property for sale in Toronto also help in finding a good space for your business in a suitable location at the shortest time.

Office building expenses


When you rent an industrial space, you are definitely going to have to pay for certain expenses monthly. Though landlords may have their portion in maintenance and upkeep costs, you need to know about the utilities.  This is because it is your responsibility as a tenant to deal with these expenses. Even though you are obligated to cover these expenses, you retain the right to know how they are measured. Finding out how utilities are measured helps you manage them so you can incur less expense In the future.  In electrical and water bills for instance, the industrial space may have either single meters or shared meters. Find out all the hidden costs and an approximation of what one should expect when using the building facilities.

Get the details right

It is imperative to go through all the details of a lease thoroughly to have a firm grasp of all the details. These details help a lot when you need to make crucial choices. Hiring an attorney general who has expertise in commercial real estate to check the lease again is an added advantage that will help you know how things will work. There are also ways of protecting your business interests when leasing. One of these ways entails negotiation regarding additional clauses to the lease. By having “subleasing clause” added to the lease, you may be able to rent the space to another party if the business fails to perform according to your expectations.

Other clauses such as an exclusivity clause keep the landlord from allowing your potential competitors to rent space in close proximity to your business. Lastly, you need to know what will happen if things fail to work and you end up defaulting. Some landlords will immediately lock up your business or issue an eviction notice. Therefore, you need to know the kind of position you will be if you default due to unfortunate circumstances. Working with brokers gives you more advantage in this regard. They not only find the right industrial space for renting or selling but also ensure that the leasing terms are plain and clear to you.

Businesses do well in the right location and with loyal customers. Before finding loyal customers, make things right for your business environment. If you seem to have trouble finding the best industrial space for lease, consider the option of working with real estate agents. They rarely disappoint you because they know the market and can play around with options to make things work for your business.