Selling your warehouse space can be as risky as buying one nowadays, with various ways one might get ripped off from it. Your warehouse space was and is your unique space fit to your business needs; but to have a value in the market, it has to be the same for someone else. Just like how you as a buyer would choose wisely, you have to market your warehouse space smartly for potential buyers to appreciate and pay its worth. 6205837092_1b518ccf7b

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes

You have to consider looking at your selling points from the point of view of a potential buyer. When you were looking for a warehouse space, what features did you look for? What amount did you think was reasonable as a price? Did any additional features intrigue you? If so, would you have compromised and paid a little bit more for the price to enjoy those features? Consider these are crucial questions to answer while selling your warehouse space.

Safety, Safety, Safety

One of the key features every employer would be rooting out for is their employee’s safety. This is because any mishaps with regards to safety can bear a huge cost as compensation from the boss’s pocket. Is your warehouse neat and tidy? Or are there unnecessary boxes, tapes and waste material lying around being a fall hazard? If so, you would know where to first focus your attention on to mend before putting up your warehouse for sale. Most likely including yourself, most people will not compromise on the safety aspect as it is very cost-efficient to be careful about safety over the long run. Not only does it reduce any unfortunate incidents from occurring, it also earns you your employees’ trust, which is important to gain for any business.

Be critical about whom you are handing it over to

It’s true that you have to please your buyers and satisfy them with their requirements and expectations of a warehouse space, but at the same time, you have to be selective about whom your buyer market is. Once your warehouse space is handed over, your name becomes their name and similarly their functions would make or break your reputation. People go by familiarity and it takes time for general public or companies to notice any change of hands of a warehouse space. Given you are shifting to a new area, you would not want your buyer to be putting up an embarrassing show for you back in your old home to your clients who weren’t informed of the change of location. Selling your warehouse property involves more critical decision making compared to buying one. Remember to think from the spot of a buyer, and also remember to act smartly from the position of a seller. Similarly like how you expect your buyer to be similar to you in terms of what they look for in a warehouse space, they should also be like you in terms of their actions and business habits.