The ability to attract and retain highly skilled talent has become integral to the success of many companies and is often a key competitive advantage. Today’s workplace is highly competitive for many types of skilled professionals in the Toronto area. Many executives are wondering how they can use their commercial real estate to create a workplace environment that separates their company from the rest of the herd.

A company’s workplace is like a person’s home, it reflects a lot about a person’s values. Whether the business is operating out of an office or in industrial type of building the workplace should reflect the corporate culture and the brand of the company.

The property should be well located within the city so that it is relatively convenient for the types of people and employees company wants to attract whether it be high tech millennials, creative media savvy employees or low-cost labor pool for manufacturing purposes.

Industries tend to cluster and form together geographically close to larger leading-edge industry leaders that attract and feed smaller organizations. This is true for many industries in the Toronto area which has its own cluster including Transportation and Logistics, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Health Care, Software, IT Systems, Media Related Finance, Accounting, and Business Services and Consulting. Companies are well advised to consider where they located to be a part of these clusters.

Common areas in the such as kitchens, employee break and game rooms help make work a fun place to be and can also encourage collaboration and a cross pollination of ideas. Having building signage and corporate exposure gives a sense of identity to the workplace and a sense of pride.

Companies that offer flexible work and environments are better suited for employees today. People are likely to be more loyal and to be attracted to your company if they feel a sense of pride when they are in the workplace. The most sought-after office spaces tend to be in newer fashionable buildings with an emphasis on health and wellness. Maximizing natural light in the workplace helps people become happier and more productive. Choosing an office, warehouse, or commercial location that has amenities in the area like restaurants, health clubs, daycare services is often helpful in attracting the right people.