Warehouses are essential as they offer storagespace to business people who play a vital role in the supply and distribution of goods among other things. Therefore, it is important to know what exactly falls into place to make shifting easy and manageable. Adequate knowledge of how to go about warehouse shifting will help you avoid pitfalls mostly encountered along the way. To acquire vital knowledge, you need to set aside time for research and planning. If you miss these essential steps, you may turn a seemingly manageable task into a daunting rush hour activity. Here are ways to help you make a warehouse shift without wasting time. Building codes Every building has its own applicable codes, which vary according to location. It is your duty to inquire about these building codes and their implication on the warehouse you are planning to acquire. With adequate information about the building codes, you can go through everything and determine the level of detail that is needed to successfully acquire permits that give you the go-ahead to outfit and occupy the new warehouse. When you finally move in, nothing will be strange to you. There will be no surprises. You will have enough time to settle and focus on your objectives. Security and protection If you do enough research, you will realize that a great deal of warehouses particularly require any form of sprinkler protection. That is why it is important to make inquiries about the overall safety and security measures for the facility. For buildings that particularly have mezzanine sections and rack storage areas, you need to find out their particular requirements as they vary from one warehouse to another. In case changes are necessary, ensure you take the right measures to meet these security codes. This involves liaising with the commercial agents and landlords to find the best way forward. Occupation policies This is also an essential aspect of warehouses that you need to consider. We have mentioned before that warehouses inevitably vary across different locations. In that regard, their occupational policies and regulations also vary when it come to leasing. Some of these policies determine the appropriate time for occupying the warehouse. Others will give you permit to store stuff provided there is no processing activity involved during storage. On a different note, others will totally prohibit you from accessing the storage facility until everything is completed and a permit isgiven out. Emergency exits It is paramount for a warehouse to have an evacuation exit in case of any unfortunate occurrence. This usually happens to be one of the common problems that crops up when looking for an ideal warehouse. You need to ensure that the warehouse you are moving to offers an effective emergency evacuation route that guarantees safety and security. If it happens that you are involved in the creation of a warehouse layout, you may have to refer to the applicable codes to ensure all requirements are met. This is essential for your safety and your valuables. Update purchase details It is essential to update the purchase order details – particularly for the products that are on transit to the old warehouse – when you are shifting from one warehouse to another. You need to inform your business partners early enough regarding the move and give all the necessary address details to help them find you easily. If you are sloppy on this matter, you may end up affected as a result of late product delivery and time wastage. Therefore, you need to update the details of your new address to make things easy for you and your business partners. Valuing your inventory While on the move, you need to make a decision regarding the place of storage for your current inventory. Well, this is usually easy as you can decide to move along with the inventory. T he most critical part comes in when you need to have an exact value of the entire inventory when moving. This may necessitate taking count of your inventory. To save on time, most business people usually find the idea of taking inventory count while on the move appealing. However, you need to be particularly cautious when making this choice. This is because it may take longer than you expect and even slow down movement. Finding a great warehouse can a manageable task with the help of specialized agents who deal with warehouse sale in Vaughan. These agents can help you find the best warehouse at an affordable price. Once you get a great deal, you need to work on a number of things to ensure the move and transitioning is smooth. Most importantly, you need to pay attention to applicable codes for a particular warehouse location. They will help you fit in your new environment without any complications or issues. All in all, these ideas will help you create a great plan for shifting between warehouses alongside making a great purchase decision.