Are you looking for an office space within your budget? Check online for companies which specialize in getting tenants the best office spaces within your budget. Work with a company that has extensive experience in dealing with industrial space for rent in Toronto. Such a company will know where exactly to place you once you explain the nature of your business and what your customer target is. Get an office space that will accommodate your employees comfortably and impress your clients.

If you can’t afford a big office space due to a tight budget, at least be thankful that you actually have a working space to start with. There are business people who have huge office spaces but they do not know how to utilize the space available. You should focus more on achieving when you are in the office rather than checking around to see what you don’t have and wish you could. This article will give you a few pointers on how you can maximize on a small office space.

Use every space available


If you are able to rent an entire office unit but still feel the office is not big enough, you need to think outside the box. Think of it this way. You own the entire office and you pay monthly rent. The amount of rent you pay covers every area of the office so that means you also pay for common areas like hallways, staircases, storerooms and such. You can turn these areas into useful places that can serve the office and use every space available. For example, if the storeroom is big enough, turn it into a filing room to create room in other offices.

Become a paperless office

Think of how much space your current office is being used to hold files and documents.  Most transactions are digital and you can decide to go paperless. This will save you so much space. Instead, you can turn the filing rooms and spaces to be used for other things around the office.

Don’t clutter your desk

Get rid of clutter around your office space. This slows you down physically as you try to find items in the office. It also slows you down mentally. Having a clear desk and office space helps one to think and be creative at the same time. Clutter distracts one mind from concentrating on tasks ahead and this reduces on output. Have important artifacts in your room that help to stimulate your mind and get rid of anything else that you don’t need around the office.

Avoid flooring rugs

Having a floor carpet makes an office look and feel comfortable but if you don’t get the right design it can have an opposite effect. Interior design experts recommend one to use a wall to wall floor material rather than having a small rug. You can totally avoid having any flooring material but instead, have clean well-polished floors. In a small office space, avoid installing hard floor tiles since they tend to create and echo which can disrupt your phone calls.

Get a small workstation

With everything becoming digitalized, we really don’t need big office tables anymore. You can have one that accommodates your workstation comfortably. Even the printers are getting smaller and wireless and so you don’t have to cram everything on top of your desk. You can designate a central point for devices such as printers, copiers and scanners which can be connected to a Wi-Fi for the whole office use. This cuts operational costs.

Install the right lighting fixtures

An overhead bright light tends to create shadows in an office setting which then makes a person concentrate on well-lit areas only. They can cause one to strain their eyes which can lead to migraines and headaches. During the day, allow in as much light as possible. a well-lit room tends to look bigger than it actually is.

Use vertical spaces

Set up shelves on the walls to hold important files. Let them be within an arm’s reach to conveniently reach them without having to strain too much. You can work with an office interior designer to help you come up with creative designs that require minimum space. Using vertical spaces helps you to unclutter the desks and floor area leaving more operating space.

Invest in good finish

It does not matter how good your interior design is as long as you don’t have a good finish in your office. Imagine installing the latest machines and equipment but you have wires and cables strewn all over. Make sure that you use quality material in your office to ensure you have a great finish on the walls and floors. Add classic furniture to your office to match with the design. When you have the right office design, even a small space does not seem so small after all.