Finding the right warehouse space can make or break the fortunes of a business. Do you need space to expand your operations? Would lower overheads help your cash flow? Do you want a more convenient location? The perfect warehouse space can seem elusive. Here are five tips that should help any business find the perfect warehouse space to rent in Toronto. commercialspacetoronto Tip #1. Convey Your Intended Use When Searching Most companies use agents or brokers to find and secure their warehouse space at the right price. Warehouse space is highly adaptable and the best way to find the right space is to convey your intended use up front. For example, tou may want to convert a warehouse into a retail outlet, or convert a disused retail outlet into a warehouse. Conveying your intentions to a broker can help you find the perfect space. Tip #2. List Your Requirements Your property search will be far more effective if you list down your requirements beforehand. Consider how much parking space your will need, research the optimum location and consider the cost of converting or repurposing a warehouse to meet your needs. Listing your requirements beforehand will help your find the perfect space to rent. Tip #3. Research Your Locations Your warehouse location in Toronto could be one of the most important decisions you will make. A strong trend in Toronto right now is for businesses to downsize into more central locations. Instead of renting larger units in the suburbs, companies need smaller, more convenient locations. You must research how the location of your warehouse will support the location of your business premises. Can you make use of local services? Are the transportation links good? Does the distance suit your business model? Researching the location is a large part of finding the perfect space. Tip #4. Plan For The Future Warehouse space often comes with complex clauses in the lease agreement concerning what the space can be used for. Leasing the wrong space can have serious implications for your future business plans. You may become trapped in a lease with a space that constrains your expansion plans. Always plan ahead and determine whether the warehouse space will help support your projected business growth. Think about where and what size your business may be in several years time and consider how well a space will facilitate the expansion. Tip #5. Get Professional Representation Finding the perfect warehouse space in Toronto can be exciting, but finalizing your offer can be fraught with difficulties and setbacks. You may come up against complicated clauses, have difficulty registering your interest or even struggle to negotiate the terms of your lease. Having professional representation by way of a broker specializing in warehouse space for lease in Toronto can make your experience far smoother. A broker can help by negotiating on your behalf, winning your allowances in the terms of the lease and helping to minimize your costs. Conclusion These five tips should help any business successfully find and lease the perfect warehouse space in Toronto. If you have already found a good space, which tips did you follow? Let us know your best tips for finding space and leave us a comment below!