thumb If your company is looking to lease commercial real estate your task will be a lot easier if you use a Tenant Advisorservice to help you. The deal alone could save you thousands of dollars in leasing fees each month. If you are relocating the stakes are even higher; the huge cost of transporting furniture and equipment to your new premises will be wasted if you lease substandard space. Here are the key ways that a firm can help you save money.

Start In The Right Direction

If you want to lease office space, you need an experienced professional to steer you in the right direction right from the start. If you begin to renegotiate on your own or try to source your own space, your goal of saving money will be unlikely to be realized. Professionals will help save you money on your lease by helping you to see various aspects of different deals that may not have been obvious at first. It’s essential to steer your search in the right direction from the outset.

Consider All Of Your Options

Leasing professionals will give you a wider range of creative options than you could come up with on your own. To save money, you need to think outside the box and an agent will get you a wide range of potential properties. For instance, if you need to consolidate multiple offices into one larger one, you may not have considered all of the possibilities. As a lease is a significant long-term commitment, it’s essential that you brainstorm all possibilities before deciding on one solution. A leasing professional will be concise, responsive and aware of your needs.

Weigh Up The Benefits And Disadvantages

An agent will help you understand the pros and cons of each property. This helps make your decision easier as it gives you insider information you may not had otherwise known. The expertise of a leasing professional lies in matching the commercial space to your business’ model. For example, if you need a 50-50 split between office and warehouse space, this might not be easy to find on your own. A leasing specialist will have in-depth knowledge of your geographical area and be able to source you the best value property in less time than you think. They will also be able to let you know of disadvantages such as logistical or transportation issues that you may not otherwise have been aware of.

Seek Assistance To Negotiate A Great Deal

A firm that specializes in finding real estate for companies and helping them negotiate their leases or purchases will be highly valuable. You stand to save a significant amount simply by employing a firm to help you renegotiate your existing lease when it expires. It is essential to vet a firm before taking them on; ask friends, associates or colleagues for their advice about reputable firms. Quite often other professionals will have great recommendations for honest, trustworthy firms and these recommendations a perfect way to find the best office space for your company.