Having your work at home can be both a boon and a bane. It is absolutely awesome to have the luxury to work from home, to wake up late and to snuggle in with your documents and your favourite home-made sandwich. You don’t have to travel to work and in that time you save you can spend more time sleeping in or you can spend it with your family. And the best part is, you can wear absolutely anything that you want at home and not worry about people spotting you being informal. However, with your business growing, you would need more space, more people and more items to work with. In order to manage the work you are bound to hire more people and all of these guys cannot be in your house working with you in slacks. If you already have boxes of documents and work piling up in your living room and your work space, perhaps it is time for you to move to your own office and get some people along to help you with it. Here, we are going to offer you some tips on how to take this big leap.

Think about the budget you have


One of the biggest concerns you would have before you can actually move into your own office is your financial status. You need to make sure that you are going to move into a place which you can afford. Do not aim too high to move into a fancy office space right away because that can only come with more time and more profits. It might be a useful idea to talk to a financial advisor who can help you lay out and show you how much of money you can afford to give up for your office space every month given your current income status. They would also be handy in helping you with your income and profit predictions for the months ahead to help you feel convinced that you would be able to maintain and support having this office space around. They can also predict for you times when your business might go slow and this estimates would help you feel prepared to cover for your office space even when your profits are running low.

Consider all your available options

When you are moving from your house to a professional office space, you don’t have to make it seem like it’s a big jump for yourself. You can start slow and perhaps try options of working with other companies in the same space first. Taking up a hot desk in a nearby co-working space is a possible option in many places now and it is something cheap to consider as well. You can also rent desks in open working spaces for low rates. Having such options around give you time to adapt to the idea of moving into your own office space after working from home for this long. Such would be great options to keep in mind if you are still small scaled in terms of the number of staff you have and if you are on a tight budget for the few months to come.

Think thoroughly about the location

Since you are moving away from home finally, you should make sure that your new office place is not too near your house for you to feel home sick or feel withdrawal symptoms telling you to go back home. At the same time you should not get an office space too far away from home that it takes you much time to travel to your new work place that it defeats the purpose. Get somewhere easy to access and also close enough for you to reach in a short trip. This leaves you motivated to go to work every day.

Schedule time to make the move

We know it would be hard for you to take an entire day off to get yourself to move to your new place. You might not need to do that for everything to go well after all. You can plan to move over to your new work place during the weekends or during one of your own planned off days so that you don’t lose your precious work hours. If you cannot afford to do those, then plan to move slowly over a few days instead of doing it all at one go. This way you can sneak in time for work as well as moving and you can get your other employees to chip in some help here and there so that you save time on the whole.

Get help if you need

If you really are running out of time, then invest some money to save that time by hiring some professional help. You can hire help in terms of movers, or help in terms of finding you a suitable option in the first place, like the Commercial Professionals. We can help you locate Toronto commercial real estate and save your time of hunting down a good place for yourself. Call us now to know more details about moving over to a professional space from your home office!