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Are You Interested in Selling Your Property?

Valuations for both office and industrial properties in the Toronto area have risen sharply over the last several years. The near term is not so certain. If you are looking to generate liquidity on your balance sheet now may be the right time to consider selling your property or a sale leaseback of your real estate asset.

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What does the post Covid office workplace look like?

The way companies utilize office space is expected to change. More people are likely going to be working from home or remotely in some capacity. As a result, companies will likely have a larger proportion of their office footprint attributed to hotelling types of workstation and offices. We have spent the last 20 years or so densifying office foot prints putting more and more people into less space. This trend will probably reverse itself. The new office layout will likely see more circulation space and larger workstations to provide social distancing and likely see in some cases a of a return to more private offices for key employees.

The situation remains fluid and the facts and the potential consequences are yet to be determined. The one thing that appears to be certain is that the economic impact to the economy in Toronto and around the world is predicted to be significant.

The outbreak of COVID-19 and its rapid spread across the globe has taken many companies by surprise. Toronto area businesses must now start to assess how it will impact their commercial real estate and impact their needs for office and industrial space as they confront the reality of the seriousness of the situation.

Rightsizing Your Industrial, Manufacturing or Warehouse Space

For industrial space users the disruption to global supply chains will significantly impact the industrial manufacturing and logistics sector.

The contraction in China’s manufacturing sector is causing supply shortages and the temporary suspension of production in downstream facilities globally. Conversely the increase in online shopping may boost the demand for logistics space and some firms may seek to increase their inventories to mitigate uncertainties of supply. Because Net rental rates have risen so dramatically for many industrial space users there may be an opportunity to profit or to obtain a lease termination with your landlord.

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