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  • Our huge database

    Our huge database

    Our proprietary database includes thousands of office and industrial properties for lease or sale. Many of these are not not MLS listings. We cooperate with all major landlords and brokers.

  • Fast turn around time

    Fast turn around time

    We know you want information quickly. We get it! When undertaking a lease renewal or relocation its important to start early to ensure that notice periods are met and that you have enough time to plan the process properly.

  • We put the tenant first

    We put the tenant first

    Our objective is to empower tenants and buyers in securing optimal agreements with the most advantageous terms and conditions. We leverage the market and create a competitive landscape featuring the most cost-efficient solutions tailored to your requirements.

  • Our proven process

    Our proven process

    We facilitate a “transparent process” for all stakeholders that helps makes sure that the right things are done on a consistent basis.