Considering relocating your business to Toronto? We’ve shared a few reasons with you that others are choosing Toronto as the ideal place to grow their business.

It’s Safe

Having a business in a safe location is more likely to attract jobseekers. In 2015, Toronto was ranked as the safest city in North America by The Economist.

It Boasts a Highly Educated Workforce

With a 67% post-secondary education completion rate, Ontario ranks higher than any other OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) country. This means employees in the Toronto area are more highly educated and are more likely to possess the critical thinking skills required by most employers.

It’s a Large City

Mexico City, New York City, and Los Angeles may be larger, but Toronto is still the fourth-largest city in the North American continent.

It’s Diverse

Half of Toronto’s residents are foreign-born, which has resulted in over 200 languages being spoken there. It’s no surprise that priority is placed on inclusion and diversity in a melting pot like Toronto.

It’s Competitive

Having high performance ratings, wide availability of funding, and favorable tax rate and cost competitiveness, Toronto offers multiple advantages to your business.   Ready to make the move? can help! Contact us today to start viewing commercial real estate in Toronto. We can help you find a space that will fit your unique business needs.