Even though offices are usually considered to be dull and lifeless places, office buildings can be far from boring. In fact, many office buildings are among the most famous buildings in the world. Some are famous because of their historical interest, while others are lauded because of their architectural qualities.Beloware some of the most famous offices in the world, and the reasons that they have attained their fame.

The White House

6334089208_b4748845fb I have started with a building which is probably the most famous in the world, and has surely been on TV, and in print more than any other. Built between 1792 and 1800, it has been home to every American president since its completion. This is not simply the residence of the president though, it is his office. The west wing was built in 1901, and Theodor Roosevelt decided to use it as an office, because of overcrowding in the main building. Later, this was expanded and the Oval office was created. This may not be the biggest office in the world, but it is surely one of the most powerful.

The PetronasTwin Towers

Standing in The Malaysian Capital city of Kuala Lumpur, The Petronas towers are immediately recognizable in the skyline. Standing at nearly 452 meters, the towers were once the tallest building in the world; and is still the tallest twinbuilding. The towers are joined, on the 41st floor, by a walkway that spans the buildings, and houses not only offices, but also a luxurious shopping mall on the lower floors. The towers are incredibly beautiful, and shine in the daytime because of their glass and steel exterior. The buildings themselves are unbelievably heavy, and the foundations that support them are 120 meters deep. This was a huge fete of construction,which impresses everybody who visits the towers; and will continue to do so for decades to come.

The Gherkin

Sitting in the center of London’s financial district, the Gherkin has rapidly gained fame for its unusual design and construction. As its name implies, the building has the appearance of a giant gherkin; even though it is a very unorthodox one. The building has been designed to be very energy efficient, and to allow for natural lighting; thus keeping running costsdown. There are many unusual features about the building, and this makes it stand out from the crowd. Even the elevator is a bit unusual, the lifting mechanism only takes the lift to the 34th floor; from there you need to take a push from below elevator to the 39th floor. The reason for this is the restaurant on the 40th floor, where you have a 360 degree view of London. This is an unusual building that will be a talking point for years to come. This is a cross section of the interesting office buildings around the world, and there are thousands more of them. Even though your office building may be tedious, not all of them are the same.